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Vida DeCaro

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I'm Vida

An Entrepreneur and stay at home mom, that I call a mompreneur, I'm the creator behind the blog Vidart & Life and Vidart & Life Jewelry online boutique. 

So much has happened since last year, when I decided to go back to designing jewelry and launched my online boutique.

It has completely changed the way I see life. My business takes time, commitment, and ridiculous amount of time strategies to make it work, but I’m so happy to share my journey and passion about jewelry and fashion.

Why I Start a blog 

When I decided to follow my love of  jewelry designing and fashion, I knew I wanted to help people in some way. And blogging could be the first step. 

I firmly believe that when you work on your passion, you are been a better person, mom, wife and friend. A woman that has her ‘tank full’ has a lot more to offer.

I believe you have a goal, a idea a passion you have kept hidden in the back of your mind for too long. I believe you can bring it to life in an unstoppable way.

I truly believe you deserve happiness, respect, and love, and it is never too late to create the life you want and deserve.

My goal is to inspire other women-specially the stay-at-home moms to have some beautiful creations, and have fun with those you love most.

This is a platform made by an entrepreneur SAHM for women.  Women who adore their family life but feel they have more to give in other areas of their lives as well.

Women who want to add value to other women lives through their work and dedication. I want to be an example of a woman who chases her dreams. I will show you everything about my business growth, all the flaws and falls.

Blogging for me is not just about making money,(of course if it generates money in the future it will be welcome). It’s about being a reliable source to making ourselves accountable while adding value to people lives.

I want you to learn, through my journey.

I will tell you the good and the bad decisions, right and wrong turns. What works and what doesn't.

You can ask me anything you want, you can get involved or just sit back and read.

You will be able to share your journey and together we will find the way to make things work and be successful. Throughout everything I share, I will be honest and direct, and I hope that together we can find solutions to our everyday lives.

A little More

My love for jewelry design started in Brazil, nearly 20 years ago. I worked diligently designing jewelry and creating new pieces for my shop Vidart Amazonia.

After moving from Brazil to the United States in 2006, my life became even more joyful and fun. I took a brief pause in jewelry making in an effort to fully enjoy this new country.

During this time I met a wonderful man, Jimmy, with whom I married. Three years later we welcomed our first son and I became a full time mother.

 Life was grand and I was ready to get back to my love of design.

Life is forever busy and I am still attempting to properly manage my schedule between full time mom (of now 2 boys - Tommy, six years old and Lorenzo, two years old      (a lovely destroyer), wife and my work.

Then there is the house, errands, boo boo's needing kisses, home renovations and summer time fun outdoors.

My family and friends are very important to me and I am learning when to stop work and simply just enjoy life.

I have been spending days working in my studio getting everything organized.

Starting with my wood workshop, taking photos, building my website, searching new materials, designing new collections and continuing to be a supportive wife and mom to my family and all their needs ... which are many. : )

The Passion for Jewelry

In 2000, I quit my full time job at a jewelry distributor and two weeks later I started to make my own pieces, my first clients were friends, and family, and months later fashion stores and boutiques in my town and nearby towns and states.

Two years later I was invited to work with small communities that survives from the forest extract's. 

The projects was to help them to develop a better designer and visual qualities to their natural craft jewelry, so they could have better profits in their work.

Along with my work I've had the pleasure to representing these communities at international art and craft business events through Brazil. 

Helping these communities was a life changing experience that I will forever cherish.

Since that first moment, I felt in love with the beauty that the forest has to offer.

 The seeds, the wood grains, the magnitude of colors amazed me giving me a enormous boost of inspiration.

I love nature and feel inspired by it. Nature provides the most amazing textures and colors and all of this is nature.

Making jewelry always has been my passion and it is always on my mind. I'm very happy to be able to create and work on something I really like.


I would love to inspire other women to see that your daily fashion affects everything and should be something you spend that extra fifteen minutes in the morning.

***(I advised all stay at home moms try to take a break of the yoga pants, spend a little time on yourself in the morning and you will find your self esteem, and confidence stepping high)***

A good outfit is total mood booster. I am passionate about women embracing their bodies, feeling confident and having fun creating their style,feeling beautiful inside and out through fashion makeovers using what you have in your closet and shopping smart.

I firmly believe you do not need to spend a ton of money to look fantastic.

My style philosophy is wearing whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable, but always keeping it feminine and playful.

Thank you so much for visiting!

I'm incredibly thankful for everyone of you who stopped by.
So please introduce yourself! I really strive to be a resource to you and listen to suggestions of what type of content you enjoy and want to see more. Always feel free to reach out and share your thoughts.

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