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Weekday Wardrobe

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What I Wore Last Week

By Vida


I didn't have my outfit put together on the night before, and I was late to drop my son off in school. So I went to the basic uniform.

Jeans, sneakers and a loose blouse can be time-saving in the morning, never goes wrong and looks better than yoga pants and T-shirt.



White maxi dress with purple flowers print.

It was another raining day; I paired this dress with sandals, but had my raining boots ready to go.


Rain, rain...

Raining day calls for a cup of coffee. And my little one for a bit of fun on our wet deck playing in a cardboard box.


Wow, I got this red dress to wear in the Christmas evening of 2012. At that time, I was nursing, and I remember looking for a dress that could be easy for nursing. For some reason, I didn’t wear this dress that night, since then it was in a container in the attic until this spring. Now I’m in love with the dress. I can tell It will be one of my favorites to wear during the weekdays this summer.



I like Fridays because I have scheduled the afternoons to get my hair done. And most of the time from the beauty salon, I go out to enjoy my husband for a happy hour. So I put my outfit together in the morning thinking how can it be suitable from the day to a date night out. In this case, I didn’t have to do much, just got to change the shoes and wa- la… I was ready for a drink.

Friday Evenining

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The Happiness Feeling Comes From a Yellow Dress

Posted on June 20, 2019 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (1)


The Happiness Feeling Comes From a Yellow Dress

By Vida

Is that true that the color yellow can boost your happiness feeling?

Let's check it out,

I noticed that my eyes have been caught by the light yellow colors, I was very excited when spring came cus I'm dying to wear yellow dresses. Now,...

I was even more excited a couple weeks ago when my favorite store Anthropologie announced a sale of 40% off on their favorite dresses, and guess what? In between their beautiful Selection, there was this vibrant yellow dress that I couldn't take my eyes off and also avoid the temptation of trying it on.

So What are the Meanings of the Yellow Color?

Yellow, the color of sunshine represents youth, fun, joy, hope, positivity, clarity, energy, and many others happiness feeling. The bright yellow color is related to learning so It relats with the left (logical) side of the brain, it inspires thoughts, curiosity, creativity, and helps us find new ways of doing things. No surprise that the yellow color is often used for children's toys and clothes.


With that all said, I can better understand now my unconscious desire for dressing yellow. It is because I’m investing in learning, I have been more curious than ever, I have been looking for clarity and Yes I’m feeling very happy, I’m leaving a good life.


The Yellow Color feeling Aha

Lately, I have been investing in personal development and the results that I'm  getting from this investment  is that I turned crazy about personal growth. I realized that to reach your potential you must grow. And to grow you must learn about yourself. I’m discovering all my potential as a human being. And When you know the life you are meant to be living, it's easier to make good choices in life. And be happy is a life choice.

Did you get why Am I in love with the yellow color?

Yellow is the best color to boost enthusiasm in your life and can boost confidence and optimism. This vibrant color has the power of puts emotions aside, and make your thoughts come from the head rather than from the heart.

My favorite take away from the color yellow is that It loves challenges, and I love a challenge. Challenge gets me excited to keep myself on track to reach my goals. I challenge myself all the time to be better today than the day before.


-Jacob Olesen, creator of Color Meanings website said: 

      "If you dedicated your life to the color meanings, they could change your life for the better. Trust me, I know that for sure."

I bet he's right, and I'm willing to listen to his advice, I realize that colors can influence a lot on your mood. Jacob is fascinated with colors, and he writes about all colors meanings, if you would like to know more about your favorite color go to, I'm sure you'll enjoy an excellent color read. I did.

Knowing that Yellow boosts your confidence and the feeling of happiness, why not to say yes for a bright yellow dress like this one from Anthropologie to bright up your spring and summer wardrobe?

The silhouette is flattering and comfortable, which makes it essential to wear for those long days out. I spiced it up a little bit accessorizing with natural look jewelry, the wood necklace, and bracelet from Vidart & Life Boutique compliments the look making it even more fun for the summer wardrobe.

I wish that I had pink or turquoise shoes to pair with this dress, but I don't, so I paired it with these nude platform wedge sandals. I guess I have some shoes shopping to do.

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The Easiest Everyday Outfit Ever

By Vida

I can hear you complaining about not having time to dress up in the morning. I know the story, It takes to much time to put an outfit together, and that is why you stay the whole day with your ugly worn out yoga pants and T-shirt. Hummm :/

From now on, you’re going to have to drop down your excuses pants. With these outfit idea, you just need ten minutes to get dressed and be ready for the day.

Last week I got distracted working out in the morning, and I lost track of time. When I got inside the house, I realized I was sooo late to get my son ready for school. I had nothing more then fifteen minutes to have my son and myself ready.

I could just take him to school and then later on when back to home to take a shower and get dressed. But lately, I have tried everything under my power to not to do that, because I know if that happens it can be easy to get distracted around the house errands and start doing things that are not related to my business, house errands are not my focus right now.

I knew!! I could pull that off.


Like you, I used to spend a lot of time to pick an outfit, NOT. ANYMORE. The necessity of keeping up with my daily schedule forced me to get smart and don't overthink over styling an outfit.

Are You Wondering if I Got That on Time?

Yes, girl! I got that. Fifteen minutes later, I was at the front door getting out of the house, on time and feeling great!


I set up a timer, for fifteen minutes, and told myself:... Lady, you can do that. I start with my son outfit and serving him breakfast, that took me five minutes, middle while when my son was eating breakfast I took a shower, brushed my teeth, chose the clothes, got dressed, put on mascara and lipstick. And...

Wa-laaaa I was ready! And that took me nine minutes.

I gave a little tap on my back, looked at the mirror, and said: Vida, you are terrific! HeHe 

The secret….

Go for basic dark colors, and keep it simple. Look for elastic button down, so you don't waste time zippering it up. I chose this free from defined structure top so I couldn't have a chance to see and think about how to disguise those love handles around my waist. A flat shoe to give you more stability on the morning race, and you are good to go.


I ran the whole day feeling comfortable. Later on, that day, I went to the beauty salon to get my hair done, and from there to a bar-restaurant for a happy hour with my husband wearing the same outfit, the only thing I changed was my shoes, from flat to heels.

The animal print high heel shoes gave to the basic look a touch of elegance and made it look a little bit fancier for a night out with the hubby.

Wow lady! I was forgetting about a essential accessory. But you, can't forget to inclement a bit more with a piece of jewelry. I chose pieces of  my on jewelry creation, off course! :) 

Try to keep in mind that long necklaces that you just have to put over your head without the inconvenience of open and closing small clasps will save you a lot of time. 

Top - Anthropologie  /  Shoes - myconfort /  Necklace and bracelet - Vidart & Life 

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What  Happened  When an Entrepreneur Challenge Herself to Sleep Eight Hours Every Night for Three Weeks 

Written By Vida

Are you an entrepreneur or thinking about being one? If you are one, you know how hard it is to grow a business and how much time you have to spend in order to see changes and progress. And if you have a 9 to 5 job, and your business is what is considered a side hustle than you really need to make the time to work on your business to see something happen.

I’m a stay at home mom, and this is my full-time job with a lot of overtime hours to attend. (Blogging, designing and making jewelry is my lifestyle business, my side hustle. The difference between me that have a mom job and who has a 9 to 5 job is that I have no chance to say no to overtime, and off course, I have no salary and, time means everything to me.

I have been living in fours hours of sleep for a long time, but for a different purpose. Since last year (2019) I have been getting up at 4:20 a.m and going to bed Around 12:30 a.m, but at this time It's for the purpose of running a business been an entrepreneur.

Since I remember I always wake up early in the morning, I remember getting up around 5 a.m when I was six years old to help my mom with the house errands. My mom and dad used to get up at 4:30 a.m to be able to leave the house around 5 a.m to milk the cows. By the time they got back to the house, I already had fed the chickens, pigs, dogs and had made breakfast and served on the table. So get up early doesn't bother me at all; It’s a part of my life, a kind of my blueprint.

However, sleepless works great for me, but I always hear from my friends and physician that your body needs seven to eight hours of sleep and who Am I to say anything different about that??

With all that said, let me start to talk about the eight hours sleep challenge that I got into, I feel like I’m running around and not getting to the point.

The Challenge

Three weeks ago, my two years old baby decided not to take his regular nap, he usually took his nap around 12:30 p.m to 2:30 p.m) instead he has been fallen in sleep around the house in the early evening, just to screw up with the bedtime schedule.

At bedtime I have to stay in his room until he falls asleep  otherwise he won't stay there by himself. Off course, he's not feeling tired at bedtime so it takes forever for him fall asleep. Most of the time I was falling sleeping while waiting for him to do so. It happened once, twice and the fallow nights. I was waking up around 11:30 p.m so moody because had not been working during that time,I felt that I was losing my precious time, and I wouldn’t be able to make up that time. Frustration!!! It isn't a good feeling to get in bed with it. 

So I decided to relax and challenge myself to try a new routine. Sleep for seven hours, going to bed with the kids around 8:30 p.m and get up at 4: 30 a.m, I was kind curious and I wanna to find out how my body and mind would react with those few hours more of sleeping.

Surprisingly! Instead of feeling full of energy after had slept  seve and a helf hours I was feeling awful, tired than ever and moody, so I thought it could be just an organism adaptation, and need some time to adjust to the new routine; I figured out that three weeks would be an excellent time to get used to a new routine.

Unfortunately, the adaptation never happened, in the second week I started having problems to get up at 4:30 a.m, so unusually for a couple of days I couldn’t get out of the bed, I felt like I was getting bit up during the night.

 After changing my routine of sleeping I realized that during the day I couldn’t concentrate on anything.I couldn't even keep up with my work out because I was feeling exhausted and unmotivated. And worst part I started going crazy about eating carbs, and my sugar cravings got out of control. I gained six pounds in three weeks. Isn't that crazy??

The Guilty 

As if it were not enough, going to bed early, getting up late, productivity low, weight gained, a messed up schedule, and the list goes on, you named it…

A deep guilty feeling came out knocking on my door … the guilty of not having nothing done with the entrepreneurship goals and accomplishments. I must let you know that if there is anything else that can hurt an entrepreneur more than feeling not productive and getting nothing done, leaving behind with achievements, plus, not being effective in business so then I don’t know what else can.

Sleeping more hours means less time to work on my jewelry creation, on the blog content, and less time to learn.

Bottom- line, In the entrepreneurship word, time cost money or generate money. You probably don’t know what a productive day of work is if you haven’t got to bed late and woken up early at 5 a.m before.

Most of the people will tell you to wake up early and that you have to go to bed early. Now, if you are trying to get the recommended eight hours of sleep, that means you need to sleep around 9 p.m. But if you are a side hustle entrepreneur like me and you want to get the most out of each day, you gonna have to break the rules and make sacrifices.


Sleeping eight hours is necessary and can work great for most people but it didn’t work for me. I’m going back to my four hours of sleeping routine because now I know what keeps me motivated and energized is defefinitely not having more hours of sleeping .

On the contrary, what fires me up is getting only four hours of sleeping and see the results I get from working more hours, Is to open my planner at the end of the day and be able to cross out tasks that I got done, Is to have that feeling of progressed dream and goals.

At the end of the day when my work is done I feel accomplished, proud and happy. Those feelings keeps me hunger, and motivated to follow thru all the frustration and obstacles that comes on on the journey.


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How to Look Stylish Wearing the Most Simple Black Dress You Own

Writting by Vida

Hey you!

Here I'm… with one more The Little Black Dress Series. This is the number 3.

I never thought I could be so excited to talk about black outfits, once I used to label myself a colorful style woman, I guess I was wrong. Already going to a third post about it, if you would like to check the first one out just go here. For the Second here.


But, don't worry!! I won't be talking about black outfits, styling and wearing black outfits in the whole season. Although there is more little black dress series to come, however, it has a big chance that you won't see a black outfits post for while around here.

But, I’m having some ideas on how to style a maxi black dress for a spring day with colorful accessories to soften the look and make it even more fun.


For now, let's enjoy this simple black dress. I love a basic dress like this one, you can dress it for almost every kind of occasions. You can wear it for, a date night, work, church, birthday parties, wedding, showers you name it.


I wore this last December at a Christmas party, and again I choose a black dress to disguise the extras pounds I gained when I took vacation two months before the event, I get to tell you. Worked great.

My intention was to keep the look elegant and discrete not overdoing with the accessories. You’re probably thinking that I would be paring it with nude shoes and a small necklace.

Am I right??

But instead, I combine with a high heels silver shine bootie and a chunk antique necklace that I got years ago at a free market show. Despite the shiny shoes and the chunk jewelry the outfit still looking discretely.

And, the best part about this dress? It’s under $50!! You won’t break your bank account getting it.

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The Power Of Red Boots

Written by Vida

Red is a powerful color, we associate it with passion and blood. It's bold, explosive, provocative, passionate, and impulsive. So it’s no surprise when we think about to invest in a pair of red tall boots it can be intimidating.

Before we make the purchase we start to think, where to wear this? How to style this? How many times can I wear this? You may think that is hard to style an outfit with a vivid red pair of boots. Hmmm, Not Really... They are actually kinda fun!!

If you would love to try but will likely to take a pass because you are scared of how to style this, don’t do yet!! You can play safe paring red boots with an all-black outfit. It will transform your simple black outfit to fabulous, chick and sophisticated.

So red is a footwear color worth to be tried, and besides fashion and trending It has a whole story behind red shoes, one of them is with Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, she weres read shoes on that classical movie. Do you remember that?


The first time I wear these red boots, I saw my husband eyebrow lifting way high, maybe because red shoes is a symbol of unruly woman. And is something about a woman who wears red boots that nature sends a message of power and independence of the word.

He probably wondered why didn't she just stays with the black or brown colors boots?

Why didn't I go with the classic colors?

Because It's so easy to fall into the habit of the safe and classic shoe colors that pair well with everything you own. The thing is, I like to be bold sometimes and I don't mind to take some risks with a splash of color. So why not a BRIGHT RED OVER THE KNEE BOOTS? 


I don't see anything wrong in spice up your mom style a little bit. Be a hot mom won't heart your self-confidence.

Since I'm not a quite trendy lady I will be wearing these boots in spring and in the coming fall. I'm in NJ, so its spring in my mind but may not feel like spring and probably won't feel like it until next month (April). Still pretty cold around here, Gets a little bit warming on the day, and chilly at nite.

So before I get all my sandals out of the boxes I will be paring my Red Boots with middle and maxi dresses, pants, and skirts for a while.

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What is a Real Friendship And What That Means to You?
Does a Real Friendship Last Forever?

Written by Jane 

Real Friendship is the most valuable thing in our life. Nowadays if you have the opportunity to build a real friendship you have to consider yourself lucky.

People don’t value real friendship like back in time. Today, fake friends are all over. It became hard to trust in any kind of relationship especially in friendship.


I have made a few friends 30 years ago only 2 of them remain a real friend of mine. Time passed, and I had a brilliant opportunity to make new friends which have made my life much more beautiful and interesting.

Today I'm the happiest person in the world because of these friends in my life.

The Real Friend


Each one of my friends are different and it couldn’t be the opposite cuse we are human being, right?

One likes beer, another one likes wine and the other one doesn’t drink at all,…:lol: it doesn’t matter to me because what really matters is the trust that I have on them.


Everyone has such a big value for me. I have learned so much with them along of these years. Some of them I don’t talk very often but they know that I am here for them anytime.

And I'm sure I can count on them if I need that makes me to understand what real friendship means of at all.

I can’t remember how many times I called my friends crying and they just held on the phone listening to me without saying a word.

The real friend tells you the truth most of the time even though you do not wanna hear it, but in the end, you agree with them, OF COURSE!

A real friend is part of your life and they know very well once they have been walking with you on the same road and sharing this world which is the amazing part of being a friend.

I always say:

"My friends are my passion, without a doubt, they mean so much to me."

The Value of a Friendship

It is so good to have a cup coffee with a friend without worrying about time, or being judged and it’s the time you realized that life has so much more there to you and to people you love.


Don’t you agree with it?


When you are with a friend having a good time it’s wonderful even if you are sad and in trouble and your friend is just there holding your hand it’s where you understand that real friendship is the most valuable thing to have in life.

I truly believe real friendship can last forever.


I compare friendship with a garden with many flowers, you know why? Because you are the garden and your friends are the flowers making everything beautiful and colorful in your life.


I consider myself so lucky that I have real friends and I am sure they consider me as a real friend too.


           Jane Preisnher 

  Vidart & Life Collaborator

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16 Mistakes That Most Stay-at-Home Moms Make That Will Affect Their Lives in The Future

Written by Vida

I have been a full-time stay at home mom for 7 years, to be more specific 7 years and 4 months. It has been a long time, to tell the truth, I didn't realize it until I started writing this post.

For seven years I have been at home with the kids, and I feel like it was the busiest time of my life, being so many things, doing so many different things that after all at the end of the day just look like not much was done.

By the time you decided to be a stay at home mom,( the SAHM job) what nobody knows is that you have to carry on so many qualifications on your resume...
You are probably wondering since and why a SAHM needs a qualified resume?


Because you have to be a doctor, nurse, teacher, chef, housekeeper, referee, playmate, chauffeur, laundry attendant, accountant, psychologist, and babysitter all rolled into one (I'm sorry if I forgot anyone, you can remind me in the comments below).

The day you get the chance to be social

When you get together with people they come up with this annoying question….

So what do you do?

With an excited smile, you answer it:

I'm a stay at home mom, I do a hard work…..and that is it…. then your answer is cut off right there with the comments you already knew was coming….


“Oh, so you are a SAHM…

“You are so lucky to be home with your kids”

“I wish I could have your life, stay at home and have my husband working to pay the bills.”

At this point, you don’t even want to disagree, you just keep your opinion to yourself.

To be a stay at home mom and be undervalued by society just because we don't bring a paycheck home and not having an income to show at the end of the year and not having our hard work recognized is something that can hurts sometimes.

Most people think we are living the luxury life with no job, no obligations, no boss and no workplace stress.

Please don't take me wrong. “I'm not dragging here for been a stay at home mom or been negative or unhappy, what I’m trying to say is that: Because we do work hard, we do have stress, disappointments and, we do deserve more recognition.

When I got pregnant of my first son, the decision of stay at home came from both of us, my husband and I. Our decision like most of the parents do were based on economic status and quality of life for our son. And because I wanted too.

Before my son arrived I worked as a nanny for 5 years and was a pleasure going to work every day, I loved the time I worked with kids, it was very compensated to see their first discovers, adventures, words, kids always amazed me with their unique talents and temperaments.

In that time I thought it would be unfair to private myself of having my son with me every day, leaving him in a daycare in order to take care of somebody else's kids. And after all the commute and daycare expenses I wouldn't bring much money home.

I have no regrets about stay at home for our kids, I feel grateful having this opportunity that so many parents would like to experience, and If I had to take that decision today, I would do everything over again, I have no doubt about it. But I confessed I would do some things differently at this time, some little adjustments at the beginning of this journey.

Good moms aren't perfect, I’m sure that I'm not a perfect mother, and I’m so OKAY about this. There is no formula or a course to follow to be a perfect stay at home mom, we all make mistakes and I have made many of them that every stay-at-home is making or will eventually.

But that is how we learn. We may lose our cool and ability to remain graceful during difficult situations caused by our mistakes but it is not the end of the world. But the moment we recognized and realized the boo-boos we are making we can work on it, make arrangements and change it.

Here are some of the boo-boos I had made and I have seen some friends making the same thing and probably you are making too.

1- Not Taking Care of Yourself and Beauty

I know with the busy life we have, it is easier to get distracted. With all the tasks we have to get done around the house we forget about ourselves, we find the time and make sure to take care of everyone around us but not ourselves.

I have been there, sometimes you don't want to spend money or you just find time and excuses not do it. Please don't go there, and if you are there get out of this path. Taking care of your beauty is fundamental to make you feel good with yourself and don't forget the woman on you.

Take time for a long shower, you can do that when your kids are sleeping, keep your body moisturized, wash and comb your hair, brush your teeth daily.

Treat yourself: Have your nails and hair done by a professional it’s a self-steam therapy. Set up an appointment at least once a week or twice a month, and ask your husband or a friend to stay with the kids for a couple hours. For me, Fridays work great. I'm sure you will increase your beauty, self-confidence, and your husband will appreciate it.

2- Not to Exercise

I can hear you saying…(I don't have time to exercise, I don't like to exercise…;) excuses on top of excuses.

In the past, I had made a huge mistake of not exercise daily, with the illusion of gaining time to do things around the house. Big setback, not exercising regularly decreases my energy level.

I don't see why not having a daily exercise routine if being active shows so many health benefits, whether physically or mentally. Find an activity that you like and enjoy yourself doing it, make it fun.

3- Being the Whole Day on Your Pajamas or Yoga Pants

I remember the time when I was working as a nanny I used to love when my boss comes to open the door in the morning and she was dressed up nice with makeup on, looking so happy, beautiful and confident.

I used to say to myself: if one day I became a SAHM I want to start my days dressing nice.

I'm not going to lie to you, for the past 7 years I haven’t done it every day. But I did try, of course, on those days that I have to work in the yard I don't dress fancy, but I always choose a jeans short paired with a Tanque.

I refuse myself to wear yoga pants with XL t-shirt with stains and food spiels all over, it can be depressed.

Think about it: Do you really need to be dressed in that way? How do you think your husband feels when he gets home after work and he sees you dressing in that way?

You don't have to go crazy applying layers of makeup or spending time figuring out outfits every day, pick out a group of outfits that make you feel great and stick with it. Just go simple. Just a lip gloss and mascara will make a huge difference.

Don't tell me that you don't have time for it, I will not believe in you. You just need 10 minutes of your time.

“A good outfit is a total mood booster.”

4- Not Having a Plan For Your Future  

You are a stay at home mom today, but your kids will grow and soon we expected they will have their own life. Have you stopped to think about what are you going to do?

Have you thought about going back to the workforce? I confessed I didn't have many thoughts about this until last year. And when I start to think about it, I got that cold feeling in my stomach.

What. Am. Going. To. Do.???????????????

Work on construction putting hardwood floors down like the first time job I got when I moved to the USA? Clean houses like the second job that I got after the first one? Or work as babysitter/nanny again?

No discrimination in doing all this kind of work, and If you like doing it, my friend. Go for it. Believe or not you can make good money working in the construction sites, or been housekeeping.


But if you are like me, work just for money won't work out for you, at the and of the day you will have money on your wallet, but you will not feel happy, you will not feel fulfilled.


Do you know why? Because you are not doing what you like, you are working just for money.

So start to think about what would you want to do after the kids grow up, start planning for it now, start believing in what you can do and learn to be prepared for its time. Don’t wait any longer my dear, please don't.

One thing, I know for sure, time is passing so fast, pretty soon my little one will be in school too.

5- Not Asking Your Husband For Help

I don't believe my husband has a clue how is like to be home the whole day with the kids, how much it really takes to be a stay at home mom.

I know he thinks that he works harder than me, I’m not saying he doesn’t, but I have been on the two sides of the road, I had worked on the Construction site for six months, and at the end of the day, I felt tired but not so exhausted like now taking care of my kids.

"It is more a physiological thing than physical."

One of the things I never did, is that I never had him looking after the kids for a whole day by himself.

But I still wanna do this, one of these days I will get to leave the house on a Saturday morning and get to enjoy myself just doing something that I really like and letting him with all the responsibilities for an all day long.

I’m looking forward to seeing how he will be feeling after all. And what he will have to say about being a stay-at-home dad for a full day. ;)

I hope you have been smarter than me and you are already doing it.

6- Not Sticking to Your Schedule

I know it can be hard to follow a schedule when your kids are small, especial in the ages of two and below. But it can be done, some days things may change, but most of the time babies can stick with their schedule.

It's good to get your little ones used to a routine that will give you the opportunity to plan your day and get something done.

My baby stick with his schedule pretty well, gets up around 8:30 am, has breakfast, plays, follow me around the house helping me with some clean up, goes for a walk or play in the backyard, eats and around 12:00/12:30 goes take a nap for about 2 hrs. Pretty good isn’t it? (by the time I wrote this, he used to sleep longer but things are changing and that is how it is now, some days just sleeps an hour)

7- Not Saving Any Money For Yourself

One of the big reason we choose to stay home is to save money, it is too expensive to pay for childcare. The truth is, we can save more money than just the cost of daycare.

We support our husband taking care of things at home. We work hard to provide for our family and forget to think about our financial future.

I'm not going to all the financial future plains we should have or worry about, I'm just going to a simple way to have a little money to yourself without much involved.


Open a saving account to yourself and every week make a deposit of $20 to $30 into this account. It won't impact on the family budget or won’t make you rich having tonnes of money on your individual saves, but is something you should definitely consider.

It can be a big help when you decided not to be just SAHM anymore.


Let me tell you a short story about myself and you probably will understand better… I have been a SAHM mom for 7 years, you already know that. Now that I’m an entrepreneur and a small business owner I don't have much money to invest in it.

I do have material to work with it from the past, but If I had $8.000 to $10.000 it would be a good help for a startup. Just roughly calculate with me:

7 years = 365 weeks

365 weeks X $30.00 ich week = $10.950.00, (not a tonne of money but a good help for a startup.)


It would be the money that I could have saved and now I could use towards into my small business.


But guess what!!! I don't have this money, because I didn't plan for it. And I just can't go to our family savings and take money to invest in my business, it wouldn’t be fair. But if I had saved little by little all along the years I would have a little extra cash to work with it.

8- Waste Time With Social Media Without a Purpose

Social media can be a waste of time or source of information and income, depends on how you use it. There is more to social media than selfies, smart use of it can enhance your learning.

All this time that I have been home I didn't give any importance to social media, the mistake I made was that I didn't take advantage of what these sites presents, back in my mind social media was just to share family pictures and lose your time, But I was completely wrong about that. You can learn so much from your followers.


Just be smart about how to use it. Set goals, track and manage your time, it's very easy to lose track of time on social media, make sure you use your online time to learn more about skills that can benefit you or some income generating techniques that add value to your life.


You can use social media to identify business ideas and opportunities, learn new skills and techniques, get accesses to the world, but limits your time using it and measuring the results you are getting.

If it is not improving or provide any value to your life just find another way to spend your time that will bring benefits to your stay at home mom life.


9- Not to Think That Divorce Can Happen to You


When we are raising a family the last thing we want to think about is to get divorced. I know most of us prefer to think it won't happen with us, is much easier just to believe in commitment, in work things out together and make it work, I hate to break it down...It can happen to you whether you want to admit it or not. Divorces are never easy, and when it comes to moms It can be even more overwhelming.


We stay home with our kids while our husband goes to work. We stay home to take care of the kids to save money on daycare. We don't earn an income, in some cases we don't have a career or we haven't been in the workforce for too long, while our husbands tended to their jobs to bring money home and support us. And if we have to face a divorce it can be terrifying, all of this will come to fears and money worries, a financial crisis.

Be knowledgeable about what's going on around your house finances. Take the financial duties responsibilities managing the household expenses. Learn how and what it takes to keep your household running smoothly is a powerful piece of information that always will benefit you.

10- Not Knowing What Your Husband is Doing With the Finances

I know, I know… talk to your husband about money is not easy and may not be in the top of your to-do list. I know that it can be uncomfortable but it is important. You shouldn't avoid the conversation.

Learn how to talk about money with your husband before it becomes a problem. Set a time for discussing financial issues. If it is necessary, go slow, just to get yourself and your husband comfortable talking about it.

Remember marriage should be a partnership, not a dictatorship, at this initial point nobody is right or wrong here. (I am probably repeating myself on something here) You just want to know how your husband is leading with the money, how he is investing and saving your money, maybe you can find out you are spending too much with not really necessary things, or maybe he is is the spender. Maybe he needs help with managing the finance and just doesn't know how to ask….the point is: You should know what’s going on around your home.

I have seen friends of mine which they are a stay at home mom that they never had approached their husband in order to know what they are doing with their money so as a consequence they end up with huge debt with IRS, and Banks. All that because they didn't need or had the right to talk about finances since they were not bringing a paycheck home.

 Just make sure to be informed and get yourself out of getting a finance devastating shock news.

11- Leaving Just For Your Kids

They grew up and... What now??

My little ones are the most important people in my life, every decision I have to make I think about them, But that doesn't mean I leave just for them.

Yes! I'm their mother and I take all the responsibilities to do what is good for them, but also before the major decisions I have to do, I think about how it will affect myself in the future when they grow up and leave.


The reality with kids...

They leave our house to have their own life and independence, they are not ours. Kids aren't born to complete our lives, they were born to complete their own.

12- Become Outdated


In 2000 I quit my 8 to 5 job to have some time off, 3 months later I started to make jewelry and started my own business. I was traveling all the time, learning new things, meeting new people. I remember in 2001 I launched my first website, in that time wasn't so many businesses in Brazil that could have a website, and that made me feel so modern an update.

When I moved to the USA in 2006, I kinda slow down on things, I got a 9 to 5 job and forgot a little bit to keep up with all the technology and virtual communications develop after became a full-time mom…. Uhhhh, forget about.


When I decided to go back to the business world I was surprised by how “ fast” fast can get, I'm amazed by how much things have changed and I realized I became surprisingly outdated.

I found myself needing to learn so many things that made me think: Where was I in the last 10 years??

I'm not just talking about technical skills, I’m also finding myself challenges in terms of mindset and thinking as well. I wasn't thinking big and been ambitious enough. I'm extraordinarily discovering how the power of a mindset growth can affect your life. It increases your motivation, enthusiasm and your chances of success in changing your life for better.

Most the time as SAHM we make commitments to everyone around us but ourselves, It's time to change, to think outside of the box, You can keep yourself informed, you don't have to get outside of your home to do that so, from your phone you can reach plenty of resources to keep yourself informed and updated with the rest of the word and how things are changing so fast.

13- Not Putting Yourself First

There is a myth that, putting yourself first is selfish, something I strongly don't agree with.

Sometimes people don't understand what it means “put yourself first” It doesn't mean you don't care or ignore the need of others. Taking care of yourself putting yourself first doesn't mean that you don't love or care for others.

By taking care of yourself first ensure that you will take care of your loved ones better. In order to be and give your best, you have to feel happy and healthy. If we are not happy and healthy our ability to care for others is diminished.

Find things that make you feel at peace, be an alternative to your needs, care for, and love yourself the most.


Do something that gives your mind a break for such hard work you are doing. Treat yourself by having a quiet time, reading a book, going for a walk, listen to your favorite music.

Hire housekeeping for a day, and take a day off of cleaning and netting things around your house.

Hide a babysitter and get out of the house, have fun with those that make you feel good, go shopping for yourself (please don't stop at the first kid's store that you will see, you are there for you).

Don't let life pass you by, find the best ways to take advantage of it, and enjoy it with no guilt because you deserve it.

14- Not Been Confident

At the moment we decided to become a stay at home mom, our kids come to a priority. They come first then everything else in our lives, we start to forget about ourselves, our hobbies, our married, and friends.

Most the time all these foreignnesses are followed by the guilty. The guilty of been judge of taking care of your mental-emotional health.


Be a SAHM is great, but we don't get an annual performance review, promotion, fancy job titles or cash bonuses for doing a good job. We even get a high-five for cleaning up the bathroom, kitchen, living room, cooking (agaaaaaaaaaaaain).


The fact that we don't get recognition for our hard work, can drive us to lose our confidence little by little.

We have the chance to do something every day, that many other moms would love to have the chance to do, stay home with our kids and be there for them when they need us.


But you don't have to be just a made to your husband and kids, you are more than this, you are a stay at home mom to provide quality life to your family and also to yourself, start to include you as a receiver, not just a giver.

As much as might hurt to say sometimes the problem is your attitude or your emotions. You need to change some things and fix what you don’t like about yourself. Start act like you are the queen of your home (because you are!) investing more on yourself, learning something new every day keeping your mind developed. Stand up for yourself showing confidence even if you are feeling uncertain.

15- Not Learning Anything

One of the best things in our lives is that we never have to stop learning, but with our SAHM busy lifestyle it can be difficult to think about learning new things.

When we think about the things we have to do every day, most the time we are not putting learning on our list, and we could be missing out a lot in our lives.

There are always new skills and techniques to adopt. We always should continually look for ways to improve ourselves. Even been a stay-at-home mom we should strive to help our family in areas that step out of our comfort zone, like investments, photograph, a second language, play an instrument, graphic design, online marketing, coaching and much more.

There are so many reasons why you shouldn't ever stop learning. There is a tonne of things you can do to stay educated and keep your knowledge up to date and the best thing of all this you even need to get out of the house, you can do everything online.


Learning new things will make you happier, It can help you build confidence and a sense of self-efficacy, also fuels our creativity.

16- Trying to be Perfect

Sometimes a see some mothers trying so hard to have things done perfectly. Why be so hard on yourself??


Its ok if you're not a great cook, and the dinner don't come that great sometimes or let the cookies burn out. (by the way, your kids will be more happy with pizza or a bowl of cereal anyway, it doesn't matter how good cook you are)


Its ok if you go out and that best outfit that took you an hour putting together and dressing your kids will be dirty and wrinkled 5 minutes later. They are just kids doesn't make any difference for them, just relax.


Its ok if your friend or family come to visit you and your house is not all clean and organized, you don't have to be perfect on all house chores, special if you have small kids, it's not easy to maintain a clean house.

Don't try to be perfect all the time, otherwise, you will get hurt, and be miserable. It is impossible to be a perfect mom, trust me! That doesn't exist.

Instead, have fun with your imperfections, (that is what I do) make jokes with the things that go wrong, instead to be upset just laugh about it, your kids will go with you, just relax and play around on your favor.


"Life can be fun, anytime, anywhere. Don’t stress yourself with unnecessary stuff."



There are a lot of benefits been home with your kids, nothing in the word is more rewarding then see your child first rolling over, smile, crawling, step, word, pretty much everything they do will make you proud, happy and grateful for have that opportunity.

Getting to see all these things and knowing you are there for them when they need you is a major fact to our happiness, to fulfill our lives as SAHM.

But we have to face that, it isn't a sea of roses the whole time, there are some things to be arranged and some fixing too.

We can't forget that our kids will grow up and someday soon they will have their own life, and we have to be prepared for that transition, and that can be even more difficult then the first time you became a stay at home mom. Also….

We can't forget that, behind a dedicate mom, still have a beautiful wife, a confident and valuable smart woman that loves herself and have big dreams. And putting yourself first doesn't mean you are a selfish person, you are taking care of yourself, and then be able to give the best of you to your loved ones.

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The Little Black Dress Series

Written by Vida

Hey gorgeous!!

In the last blog post, I talked about the versatility of having a simple little black dress on your wardrobe. Also, I mentioned that now I’m investing more in black outfits.

Going trough my closet to choose a black dress for the blog pictures, I realized that I have more black dresses then I thought. I started to put all of them together and remembering the moments I wore all these black dresses, that I had forgotten it existed.

Coincidentally, most of the time that I wore black I was a bit overweight, so I guess black outfits does make you look slim. The problem is: I don’t have any pictures from that time I was wearing these clothes, hummmm.

I wondered why?? :/

I think I know why. No, no, no I don't think, I'm pretty much sure why I don't have pictures of those extra pounds occasions. And at this point I have the sense that you know the reason too.

Don't you??

If you do, please let me know. Leave your answer in the comments below. 

With no forward do, lets keep going. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures but I do have memories, and each dress has a story, that I would love to share with you.

So I'm making a series of blog posts with all the black dresses I own and didn't’ realize I had until now. I will call it THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS STORIES/SERIES.

You know as women we all go through the hormone dilemmas and ups and downs with body weight, body shape, and how we look ourselves in the mirror sometimes and seeing little imperfections that nobody else sees. And the sad thing is most time is just on our minds.
Like me, you probably have your own stories with your little black dress too, and maybe you want to free yourself also, so if you have something to say? Say it now!!! (not really now, I'm getting a little care way here, too much black dresses emotions) but in the comments below and sharing it with you too and your friends so we all can scream our dilemmas out loud and clear.

Ufff feeling better now, all released. I hope you do too.

Okay!! So let's go to the point where, why I'm writing this blog post, the little black dress story/series.
I'm starting with the one I wore at a Christmas party in December 2016. My baby was four months old, I still carrying some pregnancy weight and was nursing. So let us say that the breast area was a little bit bigger then the regular days before baby.:D
Going back to the black dress story…. At that time I probably was weighing around 135 lbs, and no one of my dresses that I had wasn't fitting me nice, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money in clothes that I will be using one time, I say once because my intention was to go back to my regular size 4/6.
I didn't want to get out of the house for shopping, so I went shopping on one of my favorite online store, Amazon! Who doesn't like to shop on Amazon?? Special when you are coop at home with a little baby.
I don't’ remember buying clothes in this specific online place for myself before. I probably ordered 10 dresses in different sizes and styles, to make sure at least one could fit me right, the party was one week away from that day.

Sincerely, I kind worried a bit about the quality of those dresses they were pretty much cheap.

All black. By the way.

For my surprise, the quality wasn't too bad, and they were pretty. The dress size 12 fitted me nicely(this dress size run small), it was simple, elegant and flattering and did make me look thin and tall, of course, I had a little help from my 5"in hell.

Thought it was too long, I had to shorten it 12 inches, and I changed the style a bit. I got very excited about making the adjustments that by the end I had a different dress, I made it a high low dress.

I got a lot of compliments that night, no one could believe a just had a baby, and I'm sure no one could guess that it was a under $100,00 from amazon store.
I know I wore this dress for a second time, but I can't remember where, I do remember paring it with gold accessories. I thought the combination of black and gold went very well and gave the simple little black dress a new look.

I will keep repeating myself over and over, most the time you don't need to spend too much money to dress lovely and unique.

The only thing you need is to be creative with the accessories you already have on your closet and probably has been forgotten by you.

So look for all them and transform that simple black dress in a stylish, unique outfit, and show your gorgeousness.


Dress - Every-Pretty / Pink Clutch & Jewelry - Free People / Black Shoes - Aldo / Gold Shoes - Arezzo / Black Cluntch - Wallin's / Belt - Express 

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Why Every Woman Should Have a Little Black Dress in Her Wardrobe

Written by Vida

Having at least one black dress in your wardrobe will save you from the dilemma “What to wear?” 

It is a fashion rule that every woman should have one little black dress that will dressed you up or down independing what occasion is. I hugely agree with that.

It is stylish, sophisticated and versatile. You can create a variety of looks just wearing a black dress and a few accessories to build around it. The little black dress never goes out of style, it is a staple dress in a woman's wardrobe that continues to coming back every year.

I confess I never used to wear a lot of black dress before, I always pick the bright colors, but lately, I have been investing more in black outfits, and now the little black dress is a must-have in my closet.


And the best of a black dress is that if you choose a style that matches your body shape, it will dress you correctly making you look slimmer and taller.

So have fun finding ways to style your little black dress with your favorite acesories and go show your gorgeousness.

Boots - Vince Camuto / Dress - Anthropologie / Jewelry - Vidart & Life

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Why I haven’t worn one of the most flattering dresses I own

By Vida

I’ve this dress for over two years, and it’s easily one of my favorite dress that I have in my closet. The print color is unexpected, the fabric is supremely flattering. It’s basically perfect… so why in two years this is the second time I’m wearing this maxi dress that I love so much?

I got this dress at the beginning of fall, 2016, my baby was around 3 months old. I remember when I saw this dress on the Anthropologie online store in the summer I was close to 7 months of being pregnant.

I fell in love with it but was too expensive by that time, I think the price tag was around $600. Also, I thought to myself how long it would take before I am able to wear that dress since I was sure I will be nursing, and this dress is not in favor of nursing.

On black Friday I saw that it went on sale and soon got a sale on top of a sale, the price came down a lot, from 600 to 200. I didn't think twice, I ordered it. The only time I shop at Anthopologie is when they have 40% discount sales and it is happen one now. Ai ai ai such a tentation! 

(Please Vida...don't think about it, close your eyes and walk way from it.) :roll:

So just like I suspected, it got hanged on my closet and forgotten about. With a baby home we don't go out so often, and when that happens, you always look for the bottom-up front clothes to make it easy to nurse.

I remember that I wore it in Feb 2017 for a friend daughter’s birthday party, I loved the way it looks. But the thought was that it was a bit too long and then the fluttering skirt made me concerning that when walking and going down on stairs and holding a baby in my arms couldn't be too safe, could be easy to trip on it. So after the party, the pretty dress went back to the hanging mold until today when I decided to make a blog post about it.

Like this dress, I have so many other clothes that are hanging on my closet that still with the tags. That's what happens with life after kids, you will have to adapt your lifestyle around the little ones.

When it’s time to go out you get your kids ready and then you will start to look for clothes that are easy to dress up and comfortable to run around to catch them up. Most the time we stick for what I call the uniform outfit, denim and bottom-up shirt.

Dress -  Anthropologie / Belt -  Anthropologie / Necklace -Vidart & Life Jewelry (made by me, Vida) / Coat - Perrie Ellis Portofolio / Booties - Brazil

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Easy Ways to Spice up Your Everyday Jeans and Look Stylish

By Vida

Im not a jeans girl, but every time Im in a Rush I wear jeans, with a button up shirt, T-shirt, converse shoes or booties and you are good to run out. I'm not too much into denim, but I prefer it than yoga pants.

So anyone knows me a little bit, knows that I don't own many pairs of jeans. It's not a secret that my outfit preference is dresses and skirts. But sometimes I feel like wearing denim when I got to go out for a happy hour or a date night with my husband or a friend, or even a cocktail. 

In my beliefs, jeans are the most basic outfit you can have, and it can be boring sometimes, not very excited to wear for special occasions.

But it has some easy ways to spice up your everyday jeans, and look more stylish. The good thing, it isn't hard to do that and don't take much. A high heels, a belt, a button-up dress, in this case a trench coat.

Just play with the combinations and have fun with it. I put this outfit together to go out with my sweet husband.

But before you go true the pictures let me tell you a little bit more about this post. You probably will be wondering why the grass is so green and everything is looking so spring since we are almost at the end of fall.

Yeeees!!! And you are right, It was this last spring (March 2018/ Just right before I got the idea of being a blogger. At that time I had no clue what blog was.

Wooow!!! You probably are thinking that I'm exaggerating. I wish I were...

How can a woman in 2018 doesn't know about blogs? He He He :lol: That is what I ask myself too. Well, the truth is that I stayed inside of my little SAHM world for so long that I didn't even notice that the world was changing very fast and blog is a business for so many people, and most of their income comes from their blogs. At that time I took these pics to have content for my Instagram, another thing that I was just getting familiar with it. 

 Why am I posting this outfit just now??

Hmmm, are you guessing??? I guess you are :)

The answering is yes!! I assumed you already know that, Im a stay at home mom and time management can be a messy. I'm behind with my blog posting, It is almost winter and I still haven't post no autumn style.:D

So I was looking on my old pictures, continuing organizing everything since my computer crashed, I found this outfit that can be perfectly wore in the fall and winter just throw it with boots to keep your feet warm.

My idea is just to be creative and get out of a sneaky style rut that we fall into sometimes. We don't realize we get the uniform style, the same outfit every day. And the most common uniform is jeans and a T-shirt.

You know what I'm talking about, don't you???

Let's change the face of the uniform, make a statement, add a pop of color, a piece of jewelry, a cool pair of shoes and if you don't like bold colors, you can still paring with neutral colors.

It will make your outfit more detailed and interesting.

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How to Recognize MANIPULATION

Written by Michelle 

It is harrrd to spot manipulation, especially because it usually comes from people you love. You think it’s just their opinion, their wish,their way … until you realize you are acting exactly according to what that person wants due to them putting some thought in your mind constantly, every day, for a long time until you are too tired to argue.


THAT is manipulation big time.

You act as if it was natural to you, but you are going in the exact direction the manipulator wants you to go without even noticing it. You are not your own person anymore.


And because it is so hard to spot manipulation, the best thing for you to do is to work on YOURSELF so that you stop other person’s wish for how you should live your life from the beginning. People should not dictate how you live your life, that is Ludacris.

Would you tell somebody that their way of thinking is totally wrong, or try to tell them their mother doesn’t love them? It’s insane, what kind of person does that?

The Manipulator

Today I know. Unfortunately, my husband is the person that did it. He showed me all the ugly and the truths about MY life. That’s right. He seems to know more about my life and my sentiments than I ever will (!). I have gotten so insecure thinking that maybe he was right! He almost twisted everything I knew about myself and my values and made me second guess myself for years.


But just because I recognize it, it doesn’t mean I can break free from it. Identifying is only the tip of the iceberg toward recovery to owning your own self again. It is an eye-opening roller coaster journey to understanding how the other constantly tried to win you, to take from you, to be stronger, and to make you feel weak, even when you give yourself willingly.

The Fear

Separation would be the most plausible solution, but when there is family involved, there is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of separation affecting the kids in a very negative way…it is a lot to bear, especially when you fell already so fragilized.

On the other hand, if I stay, what am I teaching my kids? I want nothing more in my life than for them to be free spirited and happy. And I am not being a good example for that. It’s kind of heartbreaking both ways.

You, who are young, I beg you: don’t let go of your sincere wishes to make life more comfortable for somebody else, IT IS YOUR LIFE! Nobody deserves such big sacrifice from you, no one! Be selfish, know you come first in this world, and if need to be, cause arguments, and if the atmosphere is not peaceful anymore, then that is your hint: that person is not for you.

I can’t feel diminished going against my deepest beliefs to make a situation ok. The right person, the one who loves you, will raise your strengths, not wait anxiously to point out your flaws and take advantage of it.


Mihelle Lima

Vidart & Life writter collaborator

I hope this post can be helpful to you in some way, leave a comment and let us know what is your biggest struggle and how you are dealing with it.


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When life happens and things don’t go your way

Written by Vida

Have you experienced moments when things you have planned don’t go your way?

I’m sure you are probably saying yes, if not you must leave in another world (please could you tell me where is it?) ;).

It could be small or significant setbacks such as spill coffee on your white short just before a big interview, be late for work, your kids get sick, and you can’t find a babysitter, you lose your job, get divorced, or fail in your business.

Well... we always will face adverse incidents and deal with setbacks. That is how life is, it happens for everyone. Most of the time we can’t change the negatives events that occur to us, but we can change the way how we react to them.

When things don’t go your way, take a step back and take a deep breath. Take a look around you and think how you can learn from it and move on.

Be brave and ride those feelings out, it’s ok to feel angry, disappointed and hurt. However, don’t get stuck on this stage. Relive yourself for a moment it’s all good, but it won’t solve the problem and Keep in mind that people are angry all the time turns unattractive.


Be courageous discovering about yourself and find out who you are to the point where you must be honest about what you truly want for your life.

Adapted to a positive mindset and be open to new experiences. You never know what exciting moments may come on your way and that is the beauty of LIFE.

We all have our ways to see life and deal with setbacks. And sometimes knowing about others vision of leaving life can help us get clear on our decisions (that is my why to be here talking about my own setbacks).

The story of my latest setbacks

In the last past four weeks, most of my goals and planning about my business didn’t go so well, the funny thing is that everything started to happen and changed during and after a 10-day vacation trip where I had a good time but wasn’t really on my plans for that exact time.

The next day after we got back home from vacation my laptop crashed, just froze and I couldn’t do anything with it. My worries were that I lost all the pictures that I have been taking in the last 6 months. (Shame on me for not having done a backup all this time).


I took it to a tec place and thanked God they were able to save all the pictures and got the pc fixed in 2 weeks. Middleway, my website was canceled by the hosting provider by mistake. After I had talked to them, they were able to restore the webpage, but most of the pictures were erased from the my site and the provider storage.

So there was me with a blog and an online boutique with no photos, no laptop to work on the web (those platforms do not support mobile devices). Anyway, even if I had a computer to work, it wouldn’t help much, I didn’t have pictures to download back to the website because at that moment I was not getting any feedback from the tec.

However,after two weeks just before I got my computer fixed I decided to buy a new one, my old Toshiba is 7 years old, I don't know how much longer it can work.

Alright!!! I got a computer to work. Pictures were saved. Look like everything was going back on track and then my 2 years old son figured out how to get himself out of the crib and decided cut his nap time from 3 hours to 45 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes if I’m in a lock day and on top of that he starts getting up one hour early in the morning. If you were a stay at home mom like me, you know what I'm talking about here.:o

When it’s related to our work time, 3.5 hrs a day results in 24 hrs a week, in my situation that's a lot of time to make up. And....

Sometimes I have a little trouble to adjust to a new routine. I haven’t figured out yet a schedule that will work better after all the changes. I haven't been working out since the vacation, the lack of exercise slow down my energy levels affecting my motivation mood.

After all, I haven’t posted on the blog for more than a month, the old posts still missing most pictures. I haven’t shot a single image for the fashion/style posts, Instagram feed and neither worked on my jewelry workshop (just between you and me, before all this happened  I had set up a goal to have 10 new jewelry pieces collection made before the end of November 2018). 

I needed a break… You need a break.

For a moment (5 minutes) I felt getting frustrated…For what??

At the individual level this indeed a big problem I just needed to get out of that stage. So I stepped back giving myself a break and time to process my emotions, identify what I could learn from it and start to take action. Also allowing myself a break gave me the opportunity to dedicate some time to my marriage and solve some personal issues between my husband and me that I was postponing for too long.


Sometimes, we need to unhook from the mess up noize to get clear with our purpose on life. If you need time, then give yourself a break. Diffuse the emotions, learn from it, set and go.

Whatever the situation you are in, there is always a way to address it. Do your best to solve the problems but don’t kill yourself over it.


I hope this post can be helpful to you in some way, drop a comment and let us know what is your biggest struggle and how you are dealing with it.


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