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What is a Real Friendship And What That Means to You?
Does a Real Friendship Last Forever?

Written by Jane 

Real Friendship is the most valuable thing in our life. Nowadays if you have the opportunity to build a real friendship you have to consider yourself lucky.

People don’t value real friendship like back in time. Today, fake friends are all over. It became hard to trust in any kind of relationship especially in friendship.


I have made a few friends 30 years ago only 2 of them remain a real friend of mine. Time passed, and I had a brilliant opportunity to make new friends which have made my life much more beautiful and interesting.

Today I'm the happiest person in the world because of these friends in my life.

The Real Friend


Each one of my friends are different and it couldn’t be the opposite cuse we are human being, right?

One likes beer, another one likes wine and the other one doesn’t drink at all,…:lol: it doesn’t matter to me because what really matters is the trust that I have on them.


Everyone has such a big value for me. I have learned so much with them along of these years. Some of them I don’t talk very often but they know that I am here for them anytime.

And I'm sure I can count on them if I need that makes me to understand what real friendship means of at all.

I can’t remember how many times I called my friends crying and they just held on the phone listening to me without saying a word.

The real friend tells you the truth most of the time even though you do not wanna hear it, but in the end, you agree with them, OF COURSE!

A real friend is part of your life and they know very well once they have been walking with you on the same road and sharing this world which is the amazing part of being a friend.

I always say:

"My friends are my passion, without a doubt, they mean so much to me."

The Value of a Friendship

It is so good to have a cup coffee with a friend without worrying about time, or being judged and it’s the time you realized that life has so much more there to you and to people you love.


Don’t you agree with it?


When you are with a friend having a good time it’s wonderful even if you are sad and in trouble and your friend is just there holding your hand it’s where you understand that real friendship is the most valuable thing to have in life.

I truly believe real friendship can last forever.


I compare friendship with a garden with many flowers, you know why? Because you are the garden and your friends are the flowers making everything beautiful and colorful in your life.


I consider myself so lucky that I have real friends and I am sure they consider me as a real friend too.


           Jane Preisnher 

  Vidart & Life Collaborator

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Reply ★ Owner
12:58 PM on April 9, 2019 
Hey Mel, thank you for share your opinions, they are very welcome. I still believe in real friends, and I think is not hard to find and keep them forever, we just need to be open to have new friends and let them be a part of our lives with no judgments. I have a lot of real friends that I love very much and I always can account on them. I fell proud and very lucky to have no many great friends in my life.
Reply gabitanrina
6:21 PM on March 8, 2019 
I agree with you,that fake friends are all over and I agree too that real friend last forever. ,I have only 1best friend Rose for 15 years,through bad times and good times our friendship still remain strong. Its hard to find a real friendl but really exists in real life. I'm not a friendly person but I'm trying to find even one .In my case I assure to YOU that I'm not a fake person in terms of friendship. I'm blaming to myself I was mistaken.,however I never regrets inspite it's a big lesson for me..I will prove to YOU that you will be proud to me as your REAL FRIEND in the FUTURE. (im not talking to ur collaborator IM TALKING TO YOU THE OWNER) Have a nice day🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷