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The Easiest Everyday Outfit Ever

By Vida

I can hear you complaining about not having time to dress up in the morning. I know the story, It takes to much time to put an outfit together, and that is why you stay the whole day with your ugly worn out yoga pants and T-shirt. Hummm :/

From now on, you’re going to have to drop down your excuses pants. With these outfit idea, you just need ten minutes to get dressed and be ready for the day.

Last week I got distracted working out in the morning, and I lost track of time. When I got inside the house, I realized I was sooo late to get my son ready for school. I had nothing more then fifteen minutes to have my son and myself ready.

I could just take him to school and then later on when back to home to take a shower and get dressed. But lately, I have tried everything under my power to not to do that, because I know if that happens it can be easy to get distracted around the house errands and start doing things that are not related to my business, house errands are not my focus right now.

I knew!! I could pull that off.


Like you, I used to spend a lot of time to pick an outfit, NOT. ANYMORE. The necessity of keeping up with my daily schedule forced me to get smart and don't overthink over styling an outfit.

Are You Wondering if I Got That on Time?

Yes, girl! I got that. Fifteen minutes later, I was at the front door getting out of the house, on time and feeling great!


I set up a timer, for fifteen minutes, and told myself:... Lady, you can do that. I start with my son outfit and serving him breakfast, that took me five minutes, middle while when my son was eating breakfast I took a shower, brushed my teeth, chose the clothes, got dressed, put on mascara and lipstick. And...

Wa-laaaa I was ready! And that took me nine minutes.

I gave a little tap on my back, looked at the mirror, and said: Vida, you are terrific! HeHe 

The secret….

Go for basic dark colors, and keep it simple. Look for elastic button down, so you don't waste time zippering it up. I chose this free from defined structure top so I couldn't have a chance to see and think about how to disguise those love handles around my waist. A flat shoe to give you more stability on the morning race, and you are good to go.


I ran the whole day feeling comfortable. Later on, that day, I went to the beauty salon to get my hair done, and from there to a bar-restaurant for a happy hour with my husband wearing the same outfit, the only thing I changed was my shoes, from flat to heels.

The animal print high heel shoes gave to the basic look a touch of elegance and made it look a little bit fancier for a night out with the hubby.

Wow lady! I was forgetting about a essential accessory. But you, can't forget to inclement a bit more with a piece of jewelry. I chose pieces of  my on jewelry creation, off course! :) 

Try to keep in mind that long necklaces that you just have to put over your head without the inconvenience of open and closing small clasps will save you a lot of time. 

Top - Anthropologie  /  Shoes - myconfort /  Necklace and bracelet - Vidart & Life 

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