The Happiness Feeling Comes From a Yellow Dress

Posted on June 20, 2019 at 5:30 AM


The Happiness Feeling Comes From a Yellow Dress

By Vida

Is that true that the color yellow can boost your happiness feeling?

Let's check it out,

I noticed that my eyes have been caught by the light yellow colors, I was very excited when spring came cus I'm dying to wear yellow dresses. Now,...

I was even more excited a couple weeks ago when my favorite store Anthropologie announced a sale of 40% off on their favorite dresses, and guess what? In between their beautiful Selection, there was this vibrant yellow dress that I couldn't take my eyes off and also avoid the temptation of trying it on.

So What are the Meanings of the Yellow Color?

Yellow, the color of sunshine represents youth, fun, joy, hope, positivity, clarity, energy, and many others happiness feeling. The bright yellow color is related to learning so It relats with the left (logical) side of the brain, it inspires thoughts, curiosity, creativity, and helps us find new ways of doing things. No surprise that the yellow color is often used for children's toys and clothes.


With that all said, I can better understand now my unconscious desire for dressing yellow. It is because I’m investing in learning, I have been more curious than ever, I have been looking for clarity and Yes I’m feeling very happy, I’m leaving a good life.


The Yellow Color feeling Aha

Lately, I have been investing in personal development and the results that I'm  getting from this investment  is that I turned crazy about personal growth. I realized that to reach your potential you must grow. And to grow you must learn about yourself. I’m discovering all my potential as a human being. And When you know the life you are meant to be living, it's easier to make good choices in life. And be happy is a life choice.

Did you get why Am I in love with the yellow color?

Yellow is the best color to boost enthusiasm in your life and can boost confidence and optimism. This vibrant color has the power of puts emotions aside, and make your thoughts come from the head rather than from the heart.

My favorite take away from the color yellow is that It loves challenges, and I love a challenge. Challenge gets me excited to keep myself on track to reach my goals. I challenge myself all the time to be better today than the day before.


-Jacob Olesen, creator of Color Meanings website said: 

      "If you dedicated your life to the color meanings, they could change your life for the better. Trust me, I know that for sure."

I bet he's right, and I'm willing to listen to his advice, I realize that colors can influence a lot on your mood. Jacob is fascinated with colors, and he writes about all colors meanings, if you would like to know more about your favorite color go to, I'm sure you'll enjoy an excellent color read. I did.

Knowing that Yellow boosts your confidence and the feeling of happiness, why not to say yes for a bright yellow dress like this one from Anthropologie to bright up your spring and summer wardrobe?

The silhouette is flattering and comfortable, which makes it essential to wear for those long days out. I spiced it up a little bit accessorizing with natural look jewelry, the wood necklace, and bracelet from Vidart & Life Boutique compliments the look making it even more fun for the summer wardrobe.

I wish that I had pink or turquoise shoes to pair with this dress, but I don't, so I paired it with these nude platform wedge sandals. I guess I have some shoes shopping to do.

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Thank you for been here! I appreciate you. 

    xo xo


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Reply Sophia
2:51 PM on June 24, 2019 
I love your style, even more after this article. I love Yellow, and this dress is so beautiful. Thank you for share the name of the store where you got it. I just got the same dress, and it was on sale. So excited to wear my new yellow dress.