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The 21 No-Sugar Days Detox Challenge

 How I Did IT

Written by Vida

We all know how too much sugar can affect our health, it can mess with your body, from head to toe. Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, also can damage your liver, pancreas, kidneys, causes inflammation in your body, teeth cavities, joints pain, headaches, energy crash, accelerate skin aging, and the list goes on and on.

You are probably saying... I know, I know!! I already heard all about that. Yet, you are still overdoing it, just to have that feeling of pressure.

You are a sugar addict

Like street drugs, sugar triggers that release chemicals which set off your brain to a pleasure center. It takes you to sugar addiction. The more sugar you eat, the better you feel, the better you feel, more sugar youneed.
I'm not a big sugar consumer, but I do eat sweets sometimes on special occasions like on my kids birthday parties and a date night with my husband ( he is a sugar addiction).

But, knowing all the bad side effects of sugar, and how harmful sugar can be to my body, I really want to quit it forever and that is the reason why I Am in the 21 days of sugar free challenge.

For all the sugar side effects, I decided to stick with three of them of my list (headaches, energy crash and skin aging). Everytime I crave for sugar I always remind myself about these effects in specifique.

You are probably asking me: Why just three of them?


Well, because I'm a lady, and: I love to look nice and healthy....  

Sugar Accelerates Aging:

What happens is that the sugar attaches itself to proteins into your body in a process called glycation. This contribute to the loss of elasticity found in aging body tissues from your skin to your organs and arteries.

The more sugar circulating in your blood the fast your skin will show signs of aging like Wrinkles and saggy skin. We can't stop getting old but we can slow down aging.


I used to have strong headaches and I thought was a midbrain. I never thought or paid attention that the headaches could be results from eating sugar. Since I got into the challenge I found out that the days I consume sugar I got headaches.

Here is one more reason why I banned sugar of my diet: Because nothing is more crucial than going  through  a day, trying to keep up with your schedule and taking care of the kids, talking, screaming, calling your name 100 times a day when you have a huge headache.

Energy Crash:

Yes! Sugar drains your energy. High-sugar foods quickly spike blood sugar and insulin levels, leading to increase energy. Even I get the spike too. I realized that five minutes after I consuming sweets my energy levels just drops from 100 to 0, making me feel so sleepy and tired, it can ruin my day also can set me back badly with my eschedule. By the time I was doing the sugar intake challenge, every time I ate sugar I got rundown.

As a stay at home mompreneur, I need full time energy power to running my day schedule smoothly and productively, I can't afford having running downs slowing me down. I will do anything that can bust my energy levels and that is why I'm focusing on my diet.

What Happened With The 21 Days No-Sugar Intake Challenge?

I started the challenge on June 1, I did great for the whole week until June 9.


On my son's birthday party I made a silly mistake. Once I love to make sangria and drink it as well. I had not prepared my mindset for the sangria teste. I slipped off of the challenge right there over a glass of sangria. I forgot to remind myself that I was cutting off sugar from my diet.

After the second glass of sangria my friend reminded me with a joke: Could you give me your sugar free sangria recipe?….hehehe :D

Wow!!!!! :o

However, at that point the only thing I could do was just to enjoy it and ressete on the next day, but before that I felt a little bit obligated to joy my son with a peace of his birthday cake.:P

I didn't quit, I got back to the challenge on the next day, Sunday, Jun 10 and I did great for one more week. Then my husband decided to make BBQ for father's day and there I was again again making sangria and, off course, drinking it. But this time I didn't forget about the challenge, I had such a busy week, I worked so much, literally I worked 121 hours on that week, I just reward myself drinking a little bit.

Sometimes, you need to be the one to pat yourself in the back and celebrate the small things you get accomplished that nobody else noticed about, and that was what I did, I celebrated with three glasses of ice cold fluty sangria. After that I went back to the challenge and finished the last week with no sugar at all.

What I Got From The Challenge?

It's definitely worth doing it. The benefits are highly visible, you feel so much more energized. During the second week I was sleeping probably around three hours per night, and I was going thru the day feeling great, did not feel tired or sleepy at all.

It wasn't as hard as I thought would be, due to the amount of hours that I have been working for the past two months. I thought I would have more sugar cravings, as we all know tiredness can make our brains ask for sugar as a compensation for hard work and then you get that feeling of pressure (rewards) coming from sugar.

Like everything else in our lives we have to commitment to it. It is something that you have to plan, like a vacation or a party you are hosting. You must focus on the principal and on the benefits that it will bring to your health and so to your life. It becomes easer when you have your meals planned for the week, weekends and partie's drink.

To tell the truth, I did nothing of that. I didn't plan my challenge. I just felt like doing it, and so I startee and I'm not done yet. I'm so happy with the results and with what I have learned about my body relationship with sugar. But I'm not satisfied with the fact that I didn't get thru the 21 days without refined sugar.

So I'm doing it again, now with a plain and setting up time reminds me that I'm in a sugar intake challenge. But at this time I will push myself even forward, I will do 30 days challenge.

Also, I found out that doing things together with a friend makes things easier. I will have a dear friend reminding me about my challenges purposes (special on partie's day).

I will make it fun and make it work 100% at this time.

“You need to set yourself on a path for a good health in your lifetime" 

If you want to join us on a challenge you are welcome, just contact us so we can share our experiences.


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Reply Jane
2:44 PM on July 17, 2018 
First of all, after I read this article I decided to challenge myself with 21 days-sugar free. It has been a week already.The truth is: its not easy. I took 60 % of sugar in my diet routine so far. The more I stay out of sugar the more I want to eat it, but I am making any effort to not have it. I think its going to work. I am very positive about it!!!