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The Struggles of Being a Work From Home Mom

And how to Deal With it

written by Vida 

The struggles of being a work from home mompreneur also a stay-at-home wife, things that I never planned to be, so now I’m both who works and works from home, I have been finding myself in a different funny way to manage life. Some situations which never used to be difficult before, now it has been quite challenging.

Being a work from home  mom is hard work, and anyone who says different isn't one or doesn't know one. Most people don't even see that we already have a very important job: managing a home.

We have our own intensive schedule that not only requires to look after little ones, but to make sure and to keep the household moving forward, smoothly as possible and providing the right environment for the family growth.

Raising a family and running your own business is no piece of cake. Every day is a battle against the clock. Switch through multiple roles and different duties all day can be exhausting and a difficult challenging.

Entrepreneurship, just like motherhood, is not a 9-5 day job, and don’t get full by thinking you got to have a flexible schedule with a lot of free time. Actually, I feel like a haven't had such a busy schedule in my whole life.

There are days where I stay up working until 1:a.m and knowing that I will get up at 4:30 a.m with my husband leaving to work. Waking up early, ideally… so I can have a quiet moment and be able to start and finish a cup of coffee while it still hot, having some quiet moment to write a blog post, read a couple pages of a book, workout, shower and get dressed for the day ahead before my sons get up…

Get the boys dressed, eat breakfast, walk the oldest one to school...Back home, mid-while entertaining my 23 months baby, do some clean up around the house, load or unload the dishwasher, do laundry, manage the finances(family/home), feed the baby, maybe eat lunch, and nap time….

Uhoooo nap time, nap time, nap time (I'm a kind dancing when repeating it):lol::lol:

Nap time is always work time for a mompreneur. As soon as I get my baby boy down I run like a crazy to the basement to my workspace (office, jewelry workshop, studio) I know the time will be short, and so I have to make the most of it.

The time flies, and before I realize it’s time to go pick up my son from school. Stop at playground so the little ones can have some fun (and be guilt free about not doing anything for your kids to have fun)...feed kids, help with homework, cook dinner, do kids bath, bedtime, clean up the kitchen and then back to work (check emails, edit pictures, social media, Pinterest posts, plan the next day).

Ok, enough with this list, it is bedtime for me, the day will start soon… Then I will repeat everything over again and again.

Ups! Staying here a little longer...

I forgot to mention that, beside all these things that I already have in my schedule I still have to squeeze to it doctors appointment, groceries shopping, kids playdate, kid’s friends birthday parties, pool time, pictures shooting, girl friends’ reunion and supporting time, and hopefully spend a couple minutes with my husband. (The most time he just gets my attention is at the weekends).

Okay, I get to go, finishing this tomorrow.

Wow!… wait a minute, it is 1:10 am, so it's already tomorrow….hummm getting confused here. Finishing it in a little bit. Tchauuu!!!

The Struggle

Being a mompreneur Launching your own business can become a struggle. And for me, the biggest problem that I have been coming through is to discipline managing my schedule.

Yep!!! You heard right, or better say, you are reading it right….

With so many things that I have to deal on the mompreneur journey, like this one that I have on my table right now…

“ struggle been disciplined following my schedule”

I don't suffer from a lack of creativity nor energy running down and fears. I don't have any problem being self-motivated and getting myself out of bed extremely early in the morning and get to work, like some momtrepreneur does.

Despite the fact that I have in the back of my mind "I have no boss" maybe it can contribute to this condition of having trouble following up my daily schedule. By the way, it is just a thought, I'm not sure about that, it's probably not.

But it's getting better, I have been working on it and being more focus, so I can keep myself (my mind) out of frustration.

If there is one thing that I have learned so far from the past few months is that being frustrated won't do any better, you have to do what works best for you and that means to find ways to keep going and sometimes you just need to switch to flexible routine that allows you to move on and soon be back on your schedule track.


How can we deal with it?


You have to allow yourself to be flexible, you can't forget that, besides the regular schedule, some days things will not work the way you had planned. When you are dancing many different types of dance, you will lose your balance and your rhythm, and that’s fine. You have to tell yourself that it is OK. You have to be realistic, If you are thinking and trying to do everything perfect you are being a big liar to yourself.


Everything changes like the wind, and you have to be prepared for that, don't hold yourself to  “do it all on perfect time” expectations, because this does not exist. You have to make new arrangements when new situations happens, that is the only thing you can do about it.

Final Point

Working from home still a hard work and it will always be. The only difference is that, there’s nobody then yourself telling you what to do and when to do it.

If things go wrong, or when kids get sick I don't have to call off work (you don't get a sick or personal day neitherand or find a last minute babysitter to watch them, that doesn't mean your schedule won't get crazy and messy but you have to deal with it in some way by yourself and let life goes on… that is the journey.

I hope this post can be helpful to you in some way, drop a comment and let us know what is your biggest struggle and how you are dealing with it.

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