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DIY Vintage Lace White Dress

My fashion design moments

by Vida

Took me a little longer to name this blog post, didn't know if I just stay with a white dress or if I say DIY, vintage or if I should say that is one of my own fashion design moment, hummmm :D

Let me tell the story of this dress first, so you can understand the reason of my doubts.

Probably around 9 years ago, a friend gave me this Vintage 100% cotton handmade Battenburg lace tablecloth in white, hand embroidered floral.

She got it as wedding gift, but she never wore because it is white and have lace on it, she doesn't like the Idea that how hard could be to clean it and also she doesn't like laces, I just don't get it!!!  :D

I love lace!!! I’m crazy about lace!!!! I can't resist clothes that are made with laces, it can be trend or not, I always have clothes that have lace in my closet. For me laces fabric can reveal your feminine side, sensuality and romantic. 

Ok back to the story...


So, from the moment I put my eyes on that table cloth, I only could see a dress made of that, I almost came back home wrapped in the tablecloth . Really! I’m not exaggerating :lol: By the time I got home I already had the design sketched, drowned in my mind.

I asked a friend of mine if she could make the dress for me, for my excitement, she said yes. Took her almost a week to figure out how to cut that fabric without damage the lace details and deliver the dress based on my design.

And at the end, it wasn't cheap at all $$$...But it was worth every penny that I spent on it.


You probably wonder if I'm a fashion designer?? No I'm not, but I like to play that, I'm one sometimes, I haven't been doing that lately, maybe I should start doing it again, it is something that gives me a such joy.


Sorry that I’m interrupting your read, but I couldn’t leave this fact out. I have a dear friend, Jane, she helps me editing my writing, I’m terrible in English grammar. And I couldn’t find a translation for the word cobaia ( word in Portuguese) and I asked her for help. And that was her answer. I thought was so funny and cute, that I couldn’t let you without this funny moment between two brazilian girls.

...I just have to find a cobaia (hey girl! how do you say cobaia in English? Please help me! lol lol) LOLOLOL GOOD QUESTION MY DEAR FRIEND...LOLOLOL, I LOVE IT…...LET'S FIGURE OUT…..) to do the sew…

Cobaia = guinea pig

I’m not looking for a guinea pig hehehe. Cobaia in Portuguese, is who offer themselves for experiments. But we used this word all the time for a cute way to have someone trying something we are creating. Example: I’m cooking a new recipe, and Jane will be my cobaia (that means someone, that likes you is willing to go an adventure, new experiences with you to support your creations.)



I just have to find a dressmaker who is willing to do some adventures with my designer to do the sew, since that takes a lot of time which I don't have right now. (I’m dreaming now... designing my clothes and the jewelry that will compliments it…Oh my dear!! dreams can make you happy).

I have made some history about that, when I was a little girl, the age between six and 12, I used to be a fashion design. (by the way I didnt know what that was and if it existed :D:lol:)

My mom is a great seamstress, she used to make most of my clothes and my sister. I remember drawing my designs and been a pain on her neck with the little details, trying to explain to her what I want, sometimes was hard for her to understand exactly what I wanted, most of the time I couldn’t even understand my drawings either. hehehe (they were terrible) :roll: but she was always very patient, at the end she always delivered it well.

Missing those moments so much right now…

Dress - designing by Vida - sewn by Frida Moreira / shoes - Charles David / Jewelry -  Vidart Jewelry

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