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When life happens and things don’t go your way

Written by Vida

Have you experienced moments when things you have planned don’t go your way?

I’m sure you are probably saying yes, if not you must leave in another world (please could you tell me where is it?) ;).

It could be small or significant setbacks such as spill coffee on your white short just before a big interview, be late for work, your kids get sick, and you can’t find a babysitter, you lose your job, get divorced, or fail in your business.

Well... we always will face adverse incidents and deal with setbacks. That is how life is, it happens for everyone. Most of the time we can’t change the negatives events that occur to us, but we can change the way how we react to them.

When things don’t go your way, take a step back and take a deep breath. Take a look around you and think how you can learn from it and move on.

Be brave and ride those feelings out, it’s ok to feel angry, disappointed and hurt. However, don’t get stuck on this stage. Relive yourself for a moment it’s all good, but it won’t solve the problem and Keep in mind that people are angry all the time turns unattractive.


Be courageous discovering about yourself and find out who you are to the point where you must be honest about what you truly want for your life.

Adapted to a positive mindset and be open to new experiences. You never know what exciting moments may come on your way and that is the beauty of LIFE.

We all have our ways to see life and deal with setbacks. And sometimes knowing about others vision of leaving life can help us get clear on our decisions (that is my why to be here talking about my own setbacks).

The story of my latest setbacks

In the last past four weeks, most of my goals and planning about my business didn’t go so well, the funny thing is that everything started to happen and changed during and after a 10-day vacation trip where I had a good time but wasn’t really on my plans for that exact time.

The next day after we got back home from vacation my laptop crashed, just froze and I couldn’t do anything with it. My worries were that I lost all the pictures that I have been taking in the last 6 months. (Shame on me for not having done a backup all this time).


I took it to a tec place and thanked God they were able to save all the pictures and got the pc fixed in 2 weeks. Middleway, my website was canceled by the hosting provider by mistake. After I had talked to them, they were able to restore the webpage, but most of the pictures were erased from the my site and the provider storage.

So there was me with a blog and an online boutique with no photos, no laptop to work on the web (those platforms do not support mobile devices). Anyway, even if I had a computer to work, it wouldn’t help much, I didn’t have pictures to download back to the website because at that moment I was not getting any feedback from the tec.

However,after two weeks just before I got my computer fixed I decided to buy a new one, my old Toshiba is 7 years old, I don't know how much longer it can work.

Alright!!! I got a computer to work. Pictures were saved. Look like everything was going back on track and then my 2 years old son figured out how to get himself out of the crib and decided cut his nap time from 3 hours to 45 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes if I’m in a lock day and on top of that he starts getting up one hour early in the morning. If you were a stay at home mom like me, you know what I'm talking about here.:o

When it’s related to our work time, 3.5 hrs a day results in 24 hrs a week, in my situation that's a lot of time to make up. And....

Sometimes I have a little trouble to adjust to a new routine. I haven’t figured out yet a schedule that will work better after all the changes. I haven't been working out since the vacation, the lack of exercise slow down my energy levels affecting my motivation mood.

After all, I haven’t posted on the blog for more than a month, the old posts still missing most pictures. I haven’t shot a single image for the fashion/style posts, Instagram feed and neither worked on my jewelry workshop (just between you and me, before all this happened  I had set up a goal to have 10 new jewelry pieces collection made before the end of November 2018). 

I needed a break… You need a break.

For a moment (5 minutes) I felt getting frustrated…For what??

At the individual level this indeed a big problem I just needed to get out of that stage. So I stepped back giving myself a break and time to process my emotions, identify what I could learn from it and start to take action. Also allowing myself a break gave me the opportunity to dedicate some time to my marriage and solve some personal issues between my husband and me that I was postponing for too long.


Sometimes, we need to unhook from the mess up noize to get clear with our purpose on life. If you need time, then give yourself a break. Diffuse the emotions, learn from it, set and go.

Whatever the situation you are in, there is always a way to address it. Do your best to solve the problems but don’t kill yourself over it.


I hope this post can be helpful to you in some way, drop a comment and let us know what is your biggest struggle and how you are dealing with it.


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