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Why I haven’t worn one of the most flattering dresses I own

By Vida

I’ve this dress for over two years, and it’s easily one of my favorite dress that I have in my closet. The print color is unexpected, the fabric is supremely flattering. It’s basically perfect… so why in two years this is the second time I’m wearing this maxi dress that I love so much?

I got this dress at the beginning of fall, 2016, my baby was around 3 months old. I remember when I saw this dress on the Anthropologie online store in the summer I was close to 7 months of being pregnant.

I fell in love with it but was too expensive by that time, I think the price tag was around $600. Also, I thought to myself how long it would take before I am able to wear that dress since I was sure I will be nursing, and this dress is not in favor of nursing.

On black Friday I saw that it went on sale and soon got a sale on top of a sale, the price came down a lot, from 600 to 200. I didn't think twice, I ordered it. The only time I shop at Anthopologie is when they have 40% discount sales and it is happen one now. Ai ai ai such a tentation! 

(Please Vida...don't think about it, close your eyes and walk way from it.) :roll:

So just like I suspected, it got hanged on my closet and forgotten about. With a baby home we don't go out so often, and when that happens, you always look for the bottom-up front clothes to make it easy to nurse.

I remember that I wore it in Feb 2017 for a friend daughter’s birthday party, I loved the way it looks. But the thought was that it was a bit too long and then the fluttering skirt made me concerning that when walking and going down on stairs and holding a baby in my arms couldn't be too safe, could be easy to trip on it. So after the party, the pretty dress went back to the hanging mold until today when I decided to make a blog post about it.

Like this dress, I have so many other clothes that are hanging on my closet that still with the tags. That's what happens with life after kids, you will have to adapt your lifestyle around the little ones.

When it’s time to go out you get your kids ready and then you will start to look for clothes that are easy to dress up and comfortable to run around to catch them up. Most the time we stick for what I call the uniform outfit, denim and bottom-up shirt.

Dress -  Anthropologie / Belt -  Anthropologie / Necklace -Vidart & Life Jewelry (made by me, Vida) / Coat - Perrie Ellis Portofolio / Booties - Brazil

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Reply ★ Owner
1:23 PM on April 9, 2019 
Hey Mel, maybe I have some Morrocan blood running in my veins. I already know that I'm a little bit of Brazilian native Indian, Italian, Portuguese and African so I won't be surprise in find out some more. I just know I love maxi dresses he he
Reply Mel Gabitan
4:06 PM on February 18, 2019 
Hi Goergous Lady?😘😉 Good morning☕🌷❤.what can I say with this stunning colored long dress is that, If u search the tradition Morrocan gowm it is quiet similar what you're wearing today.The mood,design and the way you dress up with belt is they really same .
Most of your outfits are Fashionable and Stylish you have a taste and know how to create
a combination to become more Elegant to see.of others .This is what I liked for you.
You're body is perfect to wear different kinds of dresses (did u know that?) That's it😊 bye for now.have a good day. Love yah !😘🤟🌷❤