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Easy Ways to Spice up Your Everyday Jeans and Look Stylish

By Vida

Im not a jeans girl, but every time Im in a Rush I wear jeans, with a button up shirt, T-shirt, converse shoes or booties and you are good to run out. I'm not too much into denim, but I prefer it than yoga pants.

So anyone knows me a little bit, knows that I don't own many pairs of jeans. It's not a secret that my outfit preference is dresses and skirts. But sometimes I feel like wearing denim when I got to go out for a happy hour or a date night with my husband or a friend, or even a cocktail. 

In my beliefs, jeans are the most basic outfit you can have, and it can be boring sometimes, not very excited to wear for special occasions.

But it has some easy ways to spice up your everyday jeans, and look more stylish. The good thing, it isn't hard to do that and don't take much. A high heels, a belt, a button-up dress, in this case a trench coat.

Just play with the combinations and have fun with it. I put this outfit together to go out with my sweet husband.

But before you go true the pictures let me tell you a little bit more about this post. You probably will be wondering why the grass is so green and everything is looking so spring since we are almost at the end of fall.

Yeeees!!! And you are right, It was this last spring (March 2018/ Just right before I got the idea of being a blogger. At that time I had no clue what blog was.

Wooow!!! You probably are thinking that I'm exaggerating. I wish I were...

How can a woman in 2018 doesn't know about blogs? He He He :lol: That is what I ask myself too. Well, the truth is that I stayed inside of my little SAHM world for so long that I didn't even notice that the world was changing very fast and blog is a business for so many people, and most of their income comes from their blogs. At that time I took these pics to have content for my Instagram, another thing that I was just getting familiar with it. 

 Why am I posting this outfit just now??

Hmmm, are you guessing??? I guess you are :)

The answering is yes!! I assumed you already know that, Im a stay at home mom and time management can be a messy. I'm behind with my blog posting, It is almost winter and I still haven't post no autumn style.:D

So I was looking on my old pictures, continuing organizing everything since my computer crashed, I found this outfit that can be perfectly wore in the fall and winter just throw it with boots to keep your feet warm.

My idea is just to be creative and get out of a sneaky style rut that we fall into sometimes. We don't realize we get the uniform style, the same outfit every day. And the most common uniform is jeans and a T-shirt.

You know what I'm talking about, don't you???

Let's change the face of the uniform, make a statement, add a pop of color, a piece of jewelry, a cool pair of shoes and if you don't like bold colors, you can still paring with neutral colors.

It will make your outfit more detailed and interesting.

Leave your comment below ;)

Share your thoughts about this post. Let me know if it helps you in some way and what could be interesting and helpful to you for a future post.


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Reply Melgabitan
5:22 PM on February 18, 2019 
Good morning Gorgeous Lady 😘🌷❤ How are you today,hoping everything's is fine.🤩
Anyway, I would like u to know that I LOVE SKINNY or Fitted Jean's with matching flat boots(not knee boots😁) jacket,long sleeve and sleeve less. (.u know me right?)Mostly this I wear when
I'm going out, I'm very comfortable with this kind of outfits. That's it Sweetie. Have a good day. Love yah 😘🌷❤🤟